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Archive for March, 2012

Actor Biraj Bhatt who is currently in Nepal for the promotion of his movie and a relief from busy schedules in Bhojpuri movies, told in conversion with a journalist that he wants to make a movie as a gift to his fans.


He was talking to journalist Dinesh Sitaula who had asked Biraj to tell his future wishes. By the way the question was asked and answered, it is clear that Biraj had only conveyed his wish, not a definite plan. It would be a good thing if he can produce a movie.

Biraj Bhatt has been very busy in Bhojpuri movies that he find little time to go back to his home land, Nepal. Nepali movies have a smaller market and can’t pay as much as Bhojpuri movies. So, he has been much busier in Bhojpuri movies these days.

In a program organized in Kathmandu, Biraj told that he has come back in the promotion of his upcoming movie "Mrigtrishna". Mrigtrishna is written and directed by acclaimed Nepali movie director Tulsi Ghimire. The movie made by Sai Gayatri Films is expected to be liked by movie goers.mrigtrishna_tulsi_ghimire_poster

Last year, almost all of his Nepali movies were unsuccessful. May be that was the reason he has decided to devote some time in the promotion of his upcoming movie. Let’s wish Biraj all the best for his Nepali movie.