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Welcome to our own action hero, Biraj Bhatta website - Biraj Bhatt is one of the top Nepali actor who has also made a good impression in Bhojpuri movies. Biraj is one of the most popular action actor in Nepali and Bhojpuri movie industry.

Biraj Bhatt

himmatwala biraj movieBhojpuri Movie – Himmatwala
Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Anil Yadav, Tanu Chatterjee, Priya Sharma, Suprerana Singh etc.
Producer – Ramakanta Prasad


Everyone have their own dreams, desires and hopes in life and also wants to fulfill them. But, at the end what happens is all the wishes are not fulfilled and everything happens as per God’s wish.

This story depicts about a boy and a girl with different dreams and desires. Gopi (Biraj Bhatt) wants to become a Hero meets Mukhiya Jagat Babu’s daughter Radha (Tannu Chaterjee) who wants to achieve all success in her life with the help of studies. But God has different plan for both of them. They meet and fall for each other and get married. But after marriage they face lots of difficulties.

It’s a fact of life where happy hours and disappointments go hand in hand. But still people overcome all the hurdles and gets success in their life.

It’s a story of a true courageous person- Himmatwala….

This movie is Kumari Mai Movies’ presentation

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