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Welcome to our own action hero, Biraj Bhatta website - Biraj Bhatt is one of the top Nepali actor who has also made a good impression in Bhojpuri movies. Biraj is one of the most popular action actor in Nepali and Bhojpuri movie industry.

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baba rangilaBhojpuri Movie – Baba Rangila
Starring – Viraj Bhatt, Anjana Singh, Tanu Shree, Sushil Singh, Vijay Verma, Krishna Bhatt, Jaswant Singh etc.
Director – Anurag Mishra

2015 Bhojpuri film ‘Baba Rangila’ features Viraj Bhatt with Anjana Singh in leading roles. Directed by Anurag Mishra, ‘Baba Rangila’ is produced by Vinod Kumar Chaurasia and Manoj Kumar Chaurasiya under the banner of Smile Tech Multimedia. The film is a crime drama with faith and spirituality.

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ladai laBhojpuri Movie – Ladhai La Aankhiya Launde Raja
Starring – Pawan Singh, Viraj Bhatt, Monalisa, Priya Sharma, Anara Gupta, Deepak Bhatia, Seema Singh, Neeraj Raj Podel etc.
Director – Ramakanta Prasad

Superhit film ‘Ladhai La Aankhiya Launde Raja’ features hot actress Monalisa, Anara Gupta and Priya Sharma. The film is a presentation of Aadishakti Entertainment, Sita Arts and Kumari Mai Movies. Item girls in the film are Sima Singh and Pranali. Background singer include Pawan Singh, Indu, Sonali, Bipin Sachdeva and Golu. Story, script and dialogue written by Surendra Mishra and music composed by Ashok Kumar ‘Deep’. Lyrics written by Ashok Kumar ‘Deep’, Binaya Bihari, Brijesh Pandey, and Pyarelal Yadav.

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biraj tadiparBhojpuri Movie –Viraj Tadipaar
Starring – Viraj Bhatt, Kajal Raghwani, Pigaanch Ajay, Divya Divedi, Sanjay Pandey, Seema Singh, Priya Sharma etc.
Director – Ajay Sood
Producer – Namita
Music – Chhote Baba

A presentation of Kushank Films, ‘Viraj Tadipar’. Action by Hira Yadav, story and script by Ajay Sood.

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laxman rekhaBhojpuri Movie – Laxman Rekha
Starring – Vinay Anand, Gunjan Pant, Maya Yadav, Priya Pandey, Archana Singh, Sunita Singh etc.
Director – Manoj Giri
Producer – Ashok Gupta and Asha Gupta
Story, Script, Dialogue – Dharmendra Nath Ojha
Music – Satish-Ajay

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himmatwala biraj movieBhojpuri Movie – Himmatwala
Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Anil Yadav, Tanu Chatterjee, Priya Sharma, Suprerana Singh etc.
Producer – Ramakanta Prasad


Everyone have their own dreams, desires and hopes in life and also wants to fulfill them. But, at the end what happens is all the wishes are not fulfilled and everything happens as per God’s wish.

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The first movie Viraj Bhatt acted in was ‘Lagal Raha E Rajaji’. Before that, he was well known actor in Nepali movie industry but, unknown in Bhojpuri films.

lagal raha e rajaji

The movie produced by Kumari Mai Movies, featured Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirhuwa’ in leading role. Other actors include Biraj Bhatt, Rani chattarjee, Manoj Tiger, Sweeti Chabad, Abdhesh Mishra, Gopal Roy, Jassi Singh, Radha Tripathi etc. The story, script and dialogue were written jointly by Ramesh Mishra and Pt. Ram Sewak Mishra. The choreographer of the movie was Kanu Mukharjee, action of Yogendra Shrestha and Gabbar Singh. Music composer of the movie was Ashok Kumar Deep, produced by Ramakant Prasad and directed by Rajkumar R. Pandey.

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A movie featuring actor Biraj Bhatt and actress Rekha Thapa, ‘Damini’ is releasing in Nepal in the biggest festival, Navratri. The movie is releasing with another Rekha Thapa’s film ‘Kali’.

damini rekha and biraj bhatt

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Ravi Kissen, a Bhojpuri film star acted together with Viraj Bhatt for the first time in the 2011 movie ‘Piyawa Bada Satawela‘. The movie was released in mid-2011. ‘Piyawa Bada Satawela’ was made under the banner of Aadi Shakti Entertainments and Two Box Productions.


Produced by Vinod Gupta, the movie also stars Rani Chatterjee and Krisha Khandelwal opposite to Ravi Kissen and Viraj Bhatt respectively. Among the other actor Surendra Pal, Kunika Lal, Brijesh Tripathi, Manoj Singh Tiger, Ratnesh Varvmaal, Surya, Vandidni Mishra and Awadhesh Mishra are notable.

Bhojpuri actor Khesari Lal Yadav is featured with Viraj Bhatt for the first time in ‘Jaan Tere Naam’. The movie is being made by the producer-director Ramakanta Prasad. Made by Adi Shakti Entertainment and Sita Arts under the banner of Kumari Mai Movies, the movie feature the fight between Khesari Lal and Viraj.


In the movie Tanushree Chatarji is featured opposite to Khesari and Priya Sharma is featured opposite to Viraj. Other actors include Niraj Podel, Manish Chaturbedi, Dev Singh, Dhama and Brajesh Tripathi. The movie is made on the story of Manoj K Kushawaha.

Bhojpuri actor Viraj Bhatt is playing opposite to Monalisa in the movie ‘Khuddar’, released on July 27, 2012.


A presentation of Adi Shakti Entertainment and made under the banner of the Angle Creation, the movie is produced by Dinesh Chaube. In the movie made on the story of it’s director Rabi Shina, Viraj will be featured in action and romantic role. The movie will also feature Komal Dhillon, Maya Yadav, Ali Khan, Binod Mishra etc. in main roles.

There is an item dance, filmed on the item dancer Sima Singh. The music director of the movie is Rajesh Gupta.