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Welcome to our own action hero, Biraj Bhatta website - Biraj Bhatt is one of the top Nepali actor who has also made a good impression in Bhojpuri movies. Biraj is one of the most popular action actor in Nepali and Bhojpuri movie industry.

Biraj Bhatt

Bhojpuri movie "Pyar ke Rang Hazaar" will be one more Bhojpuri movie of Action Hero, Viraj Bhatt.


As a fifth movie of B.S. Media, "Pyar ke Rang Hazaar" is being produced by producer Balwant Shastri. The movie is being directed by Braj Bhushan, a President Award recipient director. The music is composed by Rakesh Dwivedi and the lyrics are written by Munna Dubey.

The fight themed love story movie will feature Viraj Bhatt in leading role and the movie is being shot in Bihar and Nepal.

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